Project Study

It is the service of determining all the details such as expenses, risks, feasibility, project design, land and ground analysis, raw material need, with the pre-feasibility study we do before the building investment to be made.

While determining the possible costs that will arise with this preparation, the compatibility of the building with the environmental conditions is also calculated. In this way, all necessary information can be collected before the project.


Preliminary Project

Another important service we offer as a preliminary preparation before the project design and licensing phase is the “preliminary project” service. In other words, we can call it a demo project.

Considering the current conditions of the building we want to build, we create it as a preliminary project. Then, after preparing it and submitting it to the municipality, we check the compliance with the legislation by the report committee, and if there is no problem, we move on to the actual licensing stage at the license stage.


Project Authorisation

The preliminary project is the project prepared after the compliance of the building with the environmental conditions is approved and after it is approved by the relevant public institutions.

It is the latest project of the building ready to be sent to the relevant authority for licensing. As Megarom, we also serve you in license projects.


3D Modelling

It is the service of modeling the project in 3D. It is done in order to determine its aesthetics in the visual sense, to determine its compatibility with the environment and to reveal its architectural features.

It is of great importance for the determination and appreciation of the final visual state of the building. It is also an indispensable preview for your visual predictions.

05. Render Animation

It is the visual and video preparation of the visual lines and details of the building, which is prepared in 3D, with realistic lighting effects.

06. Application Project

The planning of all the experts who work with the architect during the request, preparation, design, process, and the examination of the project with all its stages are known as implementation projects.

With the implementation project, the whole project has now become concrete.

07. Construction/Consulting Services

It is the service provided by professionals to comply with all possible rules of laws and regulations within the sector and to ensure the controls of all transactions.

Consultancy also includes the use of computational data obtained from positive sciences such as physics, chemistry and mathematics.

08. Production/Application/Modification

The most important of the construction processes of the building is the production and application process. As Megarom, we provide service with our expert team in renovation, application and production as well as our project services.